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Each bodywork session is individually designed to best serve a client's needs. As each session is meant to serve an individual there can be no exact description of a massage session, however, each session will include a personalized aromatherapy blend. Each massage will include attention paid to specific areas of need, additionally a session may include reiki, stretching, or acupressure.


60 minute massage  $75                   90 minute massage $100

Hot rocks can be added to a massage for an additional $10


Full Reiki Session $50

A full reiki session is generally 45 minutes long. It is supremely relaxing. Reiki is a technique based on balancing the body's energy to activate natural healing processes. The client remains clothed while relaxing on the massage table. The practitioners hands may hover over the body or be placed gently on the body.


Chakra Clearing with Essential Oils and Affirmations $65    Add Reiki $10

The intention of the session is to enhance the flow of energy through each chakra or energy center. The client is on the massage table, essential oil blends are massaged at the point of each chakra along the back while corresponding affirmations are read. The 40 minute session is deeply relaxing, calming, supportive.


Aromatherapy consultation The initial visit includes an intake form and discussion of the issue to be addressed. The cost includes two essential oil products. This generally takes 60-90 minutes. Two follow up phone calls or emails, client's preference, are included. $65

After the initial consultation, follow up visits are generally 30 minutes. $30.

The cost of the recommended products varies based upon the essential oils and the applications used. Generally products will range between $10 and $30.




Massage and Aromatherapy do not  diagnose, treat, or cure illness. Massage and Aromatherapy support and enhance wellness.










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